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iPTR4D APP is a personal track logger for your smartphone. You may upload the logged data to iDiary4D (a window's application) in order to manage your daily activities and all kinds of digital files. Please refer to the following Site for more information and free download of iDiary4D. (

Product features:
1.Automatic logging all your tracks.
2.Easy to use.
3.Three logging modes for varies activity.
4.Lock key to prevent pressed by mistake.

1.Select one of the three logging modes.
2.Press Start key to start logging.
3.Press Stop key to stop logging.
4.Press Lock key to disable all function keys except Unlock key.
5.Press Unlock key to enable all keys for 5 seconds.
6.Press Exit key to end the APP.

1.Before start logging you need to make sure that location service is ON.
2.All disabled buttons are for iPTR4D plus only.

*Your tracks will be recorded and saved in "root" folder, and the file name is PTRlog.txt. You can import this file to iDiary4D software to edit and manage your tracks. Inc. | 16F-6, No.716, Zhongzheng Rd., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 235 | Tel:+886-2-8228-0660 | Fax:+886-2-8228-0775 | Copyright 1999-2016 Inc. All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy of Internet Services