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Life4D Quick Guide:
The Life4D series of products including iPTR4D, iDiary4D, and iLife4D.
Please follow these steps:

1. iPTR4D

You must first have the iPTR4D hardware device (personal track recorder), or install the dedicated app on your phone to record your activity track. You can choose between the hardware device or the app, and use them to record your activity tracks. Activate and carry them with you to start your Life4D journey.

Buy the iPTR4D device (personal track recorder).
Don't have an iPTR4D device yet?
Free to try the App first.
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* If you are using the iPTR4D App to record tracks, the recorded data will be stored in the PTRLog.txt file. For iOS users, you can extract the file using either of the following two methods:
(A) Simply click on the export button at the top right corner of the App and send it via email.
(B) Connect your iPhone to your iMac or MacBook, open Finder / your iPhone device / expand the files within the iPTR4D App / copy the PTRLog.txt file.

2. iDiary4D

iDiary4D is an application installed on the Microsoft Windows system, and you must use it to collate all your tracks and digital data.

iDiary4D System Requirements

Supported operating systems: Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows11 or later.
RAM: At least 4 GB. Since the amount of memory affects the performance of iDiary4D, it is recommended to use a larger memory specification.
Hard disk space: At least 500 MB should be reserved for installation.

Step 1
Import the trajectory data recorded by iPTR4D.
Step 2
Import files related to the itinerary (including photos, videos, etc.), and iDiary4D will automatically integrate them with the track.
Step 3
Create a track video and share it (optional).
Download iDiary4D
User Manual

3. iLife4D

iLife4D is a video platform created by users through sharing content on iDiary4D. Simply log in through your browser to view the works uploaded by others.

Get your videos 5GB of free storage.
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